[insert music note here] I don't know how to do them

Opening Credits: carry on- fun.
Waking Up: nine in the afternoon- panic at the disco
First Day At School: last night on earth- green day
Falling In Love: hum hallelujah- fall out boy
Fight Song: mad as rabbits- panic at the disco
Breaking Up: everything will be alright- the killers
Life’s OK: believe me natalie- the killers
Getting Back Together: lucy in the sky with diamonds- the beatles
Wedding: behind the sea- panic at the disco
Birth of Child: sarah smiles- panic! at the disco
Final Battle: fame Death Scene: i’ve got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers- fall out boy
Funeral Song: let’s kill tonight- panic! at the disco
End Credits: c’mon- panic! at the disco with fun.

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